May 28, 2009

OK, so what's up?

Here is where, based on my current mood, I would start sharing more or less intimate facts about myself, but my conscience is telling me that is not what I want everyone to know.

But here's what I do want everyone to know. I'm trying to start the ObsidianLake project again. It is a team I tried forming some time ago. I'm putting up a site here with more information about it. Nothing formal yet. But if you want to know if you would be interested in joining ObsidianLake, I can tell you what it is about and how I came up with the basic idea behind it.

ObsidianLake is a team meant to join hands between independent developers and artists so that together they could do bigger things. Since I'm starting this project myself and I'm very much independent when it comes to developing and creating art and don't have much skill, the people that are accepted to join ObsidianLake could have developing, drawing or 3D modeling experience of several months to any number of years. OK, if you're a developer, several months of experience probably won't do it, unless you're a naturally born genius. So what this means is that I would like the team to allow people of different levels of skill to join because I think that everyone can contribute in many ways and I want the work environment to help not just the lesser skilled but everyone to improve their skills by working with elders, so to speak. That's why I love the Japanese concept of a sempai.
A kōhai is expected to respect and obey their senpai, and the senpai in turn must guide, protect, and teach their kōhai as best they can.

Even if you're very skilled (three or more years of experience), you are very welcomed into the team. I wouldn't care much if there was another major ruling authority behind the project as long as they would be sharing knowledge and helping out. You probably heard of such projects before. There are hundreds of indie teams out there creating games, film and any kind of digital art. ObsidianLake is nothing different from them, but that is for the time being! OK, I think that's enough about the project itself.

Now, if you're wondering where I got the idea from, it's simple. Just look at what other independent teams out there have made. Some creations even rival other big studio productions. But I believe most of them do and that's what made them so amazing to me. That's why some years ago, I started learning 3D modeling by myself, then programming (and I am now studying computer science at an university). I haven't been keeping it constant since the former ObsidianLake disbanded before it was created. The people that joined at the time, all left after starting school or university. But now I started learning Blender again and Python so I can script the Blender Game Engine and other internals like animations and modeling. So my idea basically came out of inspiration. That may happen to many but they don't all get the chance of seeing it to fruition. All I hope is that there are enough people out there that want to join this project and form a team together. We can decide later what we would be doing (my idea about this later) and even if this doesn't work, there's nothing to lose. You have to be serious about it and be willing to work. That's how I see it. So please join and leave a comment!