Jul 26, 2009

Nijū-Mensō no Musume

Another anime review... Apart from the alternative names it has, I thought this was one of the best anime I've watched. Recommended to me by a friend as the first anime he has seen where there are actually two protagonists to the story, I started watching it immediately after reading the Wikipedia article about it: The characters in this series have been used with permission from surviving members of the family of Edogawa Rampo, the renowned Japanese detective fiction author who had originally created the fictional characters of Nijū-Mensō and Kogoro Akechi.

I thought this would surely make the anime a lot more interesting and it probably did. The turn of events and the revealing of "20 Faces'" real "legacy" was a little strange as nobody in the anime seemed surprised how he shifted from a thief to a genius scientist.

At last, I would recommend seeing this one as it might be inspiring.
My score is 8/10.

PS - I thought that the 4th state of water was a very interesting thing. I thought it should be plasma but plasma's are gases...