Jul 11, 2009


Watching Skipbeat! was mildly entertaining. It has a way of doing comedy that keeps you intrigued. There was only one time where the anime would fail to keep the skipbeat, I mean upbeat, and that was the time just before the last play. That was getting too long.

That's all there is to Skipbeat! Really! It's not very long, 25 episodes, and not too elaborate, it keeps things simple, there's not much character development, but you'll be laughing the entire time. :D

The drawing style is very different from other anime. Lots of those funny "anime faces" portraying expressions, which really helps transmitting the emotions characters are feeling.

And it ends in a very wide open manner. Maybe there's a season two coming...

I would give it a score of 6/10. Still watchable.
Head to Wikipedia to read more.

I don't know how much this will help me with inspiration for my adventure game... but I can't stop watching anime :)