Nov 26, 2009

The minimum I want from a netbook

If you took some time to explore the entire gallery of netbooks available this year for you to buy but nothing fit your needs, you're probably like me. So what do we want from netbooks, I mean being fully aware of what they are meant to do. I don't think it's very much. For me, it's this:

  1. Play HD videos (720p+) and web multimedia fluently
  2. Be easy to read (UI and other content)
  3. Be easy to type on (full sized-keyboard, no funny Shift key placement and having a touchscreen doesn't solve the problem)
  4. At least 3 hours battery life, like normal notebooks. It's what most people are accustomed to.
That's probably also the list of things all netbooks today can't do properly.

It's called a netbook, the web is your desktop and YouTube is like 50% of the web these days (actually, multimedia content is, but think of it as YT). That means most people that browse the web world round will have half of their time spent on a computer be taken by streamed video, but when you can't play HD and even SD content properly, you feel like throwing your one week old netbook out the window of your 10-story apartment.

Now the top four things can be translated to these concrete needs: dedicated multimedia chip (DSP chip?), larger screen or better screen for reading text, full sized, NORMAL keyboard (Dvorak as an option would be sweet!) and last but not least, a CPU that can sustain battery life and provide the necessary power for browsing the web, playing music and writing documents.

After buying my first netbook, I realized soon after that the only attractive point about it that was left was its small size, nothing more. So don't go buying a netbook unless you do reviews on them or maybe read ebooks (there are way better devices even for that) but that's it!

This is just how I feel and what I think so take it lightly in case you don't very much agree with me. :)