Feb 20, 2010

More great services from Google: 1Gbps ISP service

The news is everywhere. Google wants to test a new service: free fiber-to-the-home connections with speeds up to 1 Gbps at "competitive prices".
I shouldn't be too excited about this, because it's only going to be tried out first in the US, then who knows where and if and because there are plenty ISP's fighting for customers where I live and some offer 100 Mbps connections for around 35 USD a month.
I know Internet service providers are very expensive in the UK or the US so Google might have a better chance of "being accepted" on those markets if their promised "competitive price" is enough to convince people to switch (if being unsure is really the case. I, at least, would switch to Google immediately if they would instantly start offering alternatives to all the services I use... Hehe).