May 19, 2010

Bleach Anime Review: Episode 271

I don't know why some people who started watching Bleach, seemed to have loved the anime early on but then started to really hate it. Is it the fillers? I mean is it so good that the fillers they had to do made everyone forget how good the anime is? No. That can't be. If it is good, real fans wait for it. Yet, some people still think Bleach is on a down slope. Hmph! I really can't understand that. :/

OK, I've read some forums and there was a guy who found it ridiculous that Ulquiorra jumped one level, was untouchable by Ichigo, jumped two levels, even more untouchable (if possible) and then Ichigo jumped all that in an instant becoming himself the actual untouchable one.

I don't know who these people are who claim they have watched Bleach and found it boring... I don't even know if they like shounen manga and anime or whatever other reason they have to watch this anime. Someone needs to tell them the difference between how Ichigo became an Arrancar (of Espada or Vasto Lorde class) and how other Arrancars are born. Or at least to read a Bleach wiki.

If that isn't reason enough to justify Ichigo's jump in power levels, you could very well blame it on the Hougyoku partially or even entirely. Bleach fans already know what the powers of that artifact are and what its limitations are. Do I need to remind you of Ulquiorra's fixation on the human soul?

Still not enough? Watch this week's episode (271) and if that's still not enough, Bleach is probably the wrong anime for you.

A few words about the episode: Ichigo pwons! The most eagerly awaited episode of Bleach, thanks to the manga, has been subtitled by dattebayo. Almost half of the episode focuses just on the fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra so you'll get to watch another great fight scene, ala Ichigo vs. Grimmjow only shorter but waaay more kickass... for Ulqui :P.

EDIT: I now think it's disputable whether Ichigo really turned into an Arrancar. Arrancars are supposedly Hollows that have removed their masks and have gained shinigami-like powers. In the manga and anime, Ichigo looks more like a Hollow than an Arrancar but that's too crazy because a Hollow could never beat an Arrancar (and one that's in its second release form for that matter). Strength-wise, he's Espada+ class. Look-wise, he's just a Hollow. :\