Aug 16, 2010


I've been very engrossed with science-fiction lately. It's all I've been doing actually. Looking for SciFi series, watching them, reading on science subjects like nuclear fusion, time travel, black holes, string theory... honestly, it hardly makes any sense to my kludge's mind but I like it and I can't help liking it more.

I think I've always been a geek in this aspect. In just never thought I'd like anything I read or watch as much as I do now.

I've started watching Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda and finished first season, then I got really interested in some of the actors that were playing my favorite characters (like Lexa Doig for example and don't ask me if I am sure it isn't just cause she's hot, because she is and it isn't :P). My curiosity sprung further when I found some of the actors also played characters in the TV series Firefly which I have seen some time ago and totally loved it.

I haven't always seemed like much of a geek. I don't have Star Wars merchandise and posters on my room's walls, no life-size princess Leia doll (no perverted stuff like all the "real" geeks have, I mean), no nothing.

I do remember watching Star Trek every night when I was little but living in a post communist country at the time didn't help me fall in love with "what's out there". Instead, I chose more down to earth stuff, like electronics, at first, thanks to my dad.

One thing lead to another. From Andromeda I got interested in time travel and started watching Primer (2004). Man, that movie was mind boggling!

Now I found another series! It's called V and ABC aired it. I like it so much that I couldn't stop until I finished the first season before I could head back to watching Andromeda's 2nd season. It's a re-imagining of an 1983 miniseries and it's about an alien race with reptilian-like skin disguised in human flesh that have come to Earth in giant space ships station in major cities all around Earth with a seemingly well intent. Slowly, they begin to uncover their true agenda, lead by V Queen, Anna.
The issues and subjects this series explore are numerous, including world-wide peace, public health, race and skin color aversions, family relationships, relationships between opposing families where their youngest have a love interest in each-other, tradition over evolution or vice-versa, living with a conscience, and more.
Too bad it was only one season. Can't wait for season two.

I've only told you about some of the science-fiction series I have seen recently. If any of this reaches some of you hard-core fans, I want to let you know I'm one of you. If you like SciFi and you haven't watched the series I mentioned before yet, get on it!

I have to admit. SciFi is meant for TV, not DVD. Unless they come in 50 or so more DVDs. :D