Dec 28, 2010

God was evil?

God was evil or "God is Evil and Evil is God", Huh?
No pitchforks, crucifixes and/or axes, *please*!

Here's a totally random blog post I thought I should write this late at night, not because it's something I felt like telling everyone urgently, but just because I didn't want to forget this and I'd love some feedback on this one.

So, while I was getting out of the shower, I had this idea totally out of nowhere. I thought, what if GOD (if he exists, I must have whispered or mumbled to myself, maybe) doesn't show himself willingly to everyone because he's afraid of people knowing him, while all religious books talk, basically, about knowing your god or how to get to know him better. I thought what if God's past is something totally unthinkable for most Christians. Seeing that in real life only the bad guys win, I thought, if God was once a "bad guy", maybe he doesn't want us to know that during our life here on Earth. Getting to know God would mean the life-long preparation for dieing in peace so that you can accept God once you meet him, no matter how or who he turns out to be. Maybe in the beginning of time, there was only good and evil. Maybe evil won (likely, odds prove it) and that evil was God but maybe God, with immense amount of time passing, started changing, realizing the true path, that the road to awe is longer, much longer than the road to fear, probably infinite... etc. So maybe that's why we must wait an entire lifetime to meet God, regardless of religion, because the sins of our lifetime would be upon us and we wouldn't see God as anything different from us. Or maybe God is doing this, creating this world, waiting to judge us in the end... because he still is evil. Maybe evil is the absolute truth. Maybe good can only be done trough evil and evil can't be done trough good (makes sense, think about it). Doesn't this make this world an image of God? Not just on the exterior looks but in essence and constitution and law as well.

That's where I stopped. Somehow this was only a spur of thought coming probably from the hot steam to my head...

Still curious what philosophers might think about this...