Sep 8, 2011

Learning to ride a motorcycle, Part 1

I like riding bicycles, a lot. Unfortunately, I haven't ridden a bike in a long time. My reasons are many but honestly a little silly if I think about them, that's why I'm not going to tell them to the random reader. Since my Dad decided to take the motorcycle driving license school, I went along with him. Honestly, I would love to have a means to just drive away, far away sometimes, when I feel like it. And I do, yes. I feel like escaping sometimes. I also hope to meet more people I would like. Have fun for once...

Driving a motorcycle is easy, apparently, learning to drive one is not. I went to 3 sessions so far. The instructor is horrible. I've mostly (99.99%) did everything as I saw fit and correct. Even alone I could notice the otherwise obvious mistakes I kept making. But no, the teacher has to go somewhere and sends his kid with a cheap, bulky, beaten up Chinese (QINGQI) bike. 200cc too. What does he do to help? Nothing. He just sits in a chair texting while we almost fall or crash repeatedly. On top of that, sessions have to be shorter sometimes because the kid needs to go somewhere. We should have 50 minutes each. Instead we do 30 each. I'll go ahead and appologize for the over-dramatization I just did, but what I said happened so far is true.

OK, leaving that aside for now, I plan on writing about how this goes, in depth. I haven't ridden a motorcycle before so if you're a beginner too, you might like reading what I will say in part 2. I've already gathered a few thoughts and ideas and even though I want to write what I think at the moment so you can see the evolution of things without any subconscious refactoring, right now I don't have enough conviction that what I want to say now is what I really want to say. Let's see how tomorrow goes because me and my Dad plan on taking things more seriously and having a chat with with the instructor.