Sep 9, 2011

Learning to ride a motorcycle, Part 2

This is part 2 of my longer blog post about how I'm learning to ride a motorcycle and get my license.

To continue from where I left off, I was saying that I was a bit disappointed with the way things were advancing. I felt like I had no chance of learning anything by the end of the training period because I just couldn't feel what I was supposed to and because I only saw the instructor once and I was at my 3rd session yesterday. Today I had my 4th session and he finally came.

When I started first time, he taught me the basic controls, which are not too hard to remember, they are basically the same as with a car, just in different places and with different ways of engaging. Everything felt weird and out of place at first. I had three sessions to accomodate myself with the controls and the bike itself mainly, so I guess that those three sessions of unguided riding weren't entirely for nothing.

First time, I was very excited because he gave me a bike with a smaller engine to accomodate myself with the feel of riding a motorcycle. Riding it was made easy by the fact that the gas was less sensitive, the clutch easier to engage and the engine brake never made the bike lurch. Second time, he didn't come and sent his son instead, this time with only one motorcycle, the bigger one, the one we have to be on when we take the final examination. I couldn't get used to it and it seemed like no-one had a good explanation that is easy to understand or had any practical solution to help me out of my mistakes. Third time was the same but I felt even worse and got a bit depressed.

When he finally came today, at the end of the sessions I couldn't believe myself. I somehow managed to do everything, including going in an 8 figure pattern in 1st and 2nd gear without major issues. But that's thanks to a lot of practical exercises the instructor helped me do, including and most importantly, putting me on the bike with the engine off and holding and pushing me from the back while telling me when I should lean and in fact, I was having problems knowing when to lean, feeling the bike's angle even if just a bit tilted.

I'll have to practice more next time and see how much I can progress now that he said he's coming to every session. Next session is scheduled for Saturday.

Let's hope I keep making progress. More coming soon, in part 3.