Nov 28, 2011

Bleach manga revelations in the form of Q and A's

Questions and answers

Q: Why did Urahara Kisuke create his Hougyoku?
A: Because he wanted to erase the line between a hollow and shinigami existence.

Q: Why did Kisuke want to erase the line between a hollow and a shinigami?
A: Because he wanted more power, a way to ascend beyond a shinigami's limits just like Aizen.

Q: Why didn't Kisuke finish the Hougyoku before Aizen did?
A: Aizen didn't finish it first, he stole Urahara's and fused it with his own creation within himself and even that one needed alot of time to become mature (the Hueco Mundo Arc).

Q: What did Kisuke want to do if he had finished his Hougyoku?
A: Probably the same thing that Aizen wanted to do and now that Aizen is defeated, it hasn't been shown but, Kisuke must've took the Hougyoku out of Aizen since even if Aizen said the Hougyoku was part of him already when Gin tried removing it, Kisuke also said the Hougyoku had rejected Aizen because he showed that he was weak, not strong enough for the goals he had set himself.

Q: Why is Ginjo and Isshin, Ichigo's father, talking?
A: As it seems, Ginjo Kugo knows Ichigo's father and so does Ginjo know Isshin. It has been clear from the first moment Ichigo met him. Although Ginjo told Ichigo that he lied about his father to get him to come to him, I don't believe that's true.

Q: Why is Ginjo still fighting if he claims that he can beat both Ichigo and Uryu (Ishida) pretty easily?
A: Ginjo and Isshin seem to have a history together so I bet there's something both of them want from Ichigo. Right now, all I can think of is that maybe they're testing Ichigo's conquer of his fears when he obtained the final GT.

Maybe I'll add more Q and A's if they come to mind.