Jan 2, 2012

Bad decisions and unconscious mistakes

Beware of bad routers ahead!

Does anyone still use WRT54GL's? Because holly #$% do they suck! The fact that you can put custom firmware on them doesn't even compensate for its lack of power, throughput and stability. And to think I bought it because I read that with DD-WRT and some other firmware this router shows its true potential...

Here is what its "potential" looks like when running OpenWRT using a wired connection between router and PC:

And here's my new router, the TP-Link TL-WR841N, which by the way costs half as much:

And here's what it's capable of, in wired and wireless modes:

Holy #$%! I've been paying 70 RON a month for two years now and have been only using half my available bandwidth? Punch me in the face! Sigh... Today I got a speeding ticket, first one in a year :( ... now I find out I may be loosing money unconsciously all the time... something's wrong with me.