Mar 28, 2012

Thunderbird 11.0: Otsukaresama!

EDIT: I have since bought Office 365 and it's been a bliss! I love Outlook now! Hehe! :P Though, you shouldn't get me wrong. Mozilla has done  a lot of great things for the community but honestly, now that Outlook 2013 is included in Office 365 and the subscription fee is just right, it's hard to say no to it, considering how great the new Office 2013 is. Outlook doesn't feel like that big mammoth it used to anymore. So I guess Microsoft also deserves some praise. ;)

Thank you for your hard work, Mozilla! At least Thunderbird hasn't been forgotten! I kid! I kid! :P Thunderbird is now my favorite email client. No more Outlook.

This is how Thunderbird should have looked on Windows 7 from the start, perfect!

Maybe without the buttons bar there it would look even better! I only use the Get Mail button anyway. And that has a shortcut to F5! Who doesn't know about F5, the standard refresh button! And besides, my mail server pushes messages to me anyway, so I don't have to constantly pull. Check this out then:

So more vertical space, less somewhat-usable buttons but mainly, a cleaner looking Thunderbird.

What's next? Collapse-able ribbon interface, perhaps with menus in the title bar. Just don't bring back the huge waste of space rendered with Aero glass that previous Thunderbird had. Thanks Mozilla folks!

EDIT: Here's a better article about TB11.